Soil and biodiversity

In the installation there are five videos that illustrate the natural processes and environmental characteristics of the volcano.

The colonization of the lava

The short film tells the story of the volcanic complex as it appears to our eyes today, with marked differences between the two volcanic reliefs, Vesuvius and Monte Somma, well distinguishable as well as geologically from the naturalistic point of view.

These differences are the result of the slow and gradual colonization of volcanic lava, which begins with the work of lichens, among which the dominant undisputed is the Stereocaulon vesuvianum, which is gradually flanked by pioneer vascular species, and plant communities progressively more complex until you get to the point of arrival of the vegetation systems typical of the slopes of the sea and inland slopes, older, offering the extraordinary opportunity, of great scientific value, to observe the progress of plant colonization on the lava of different ages.

The volcanic complex Somma-Vesuvio

This is an emotional video, made of suggestions, panoramas, or details to be discovered to the rhythm of the music of this land, a tammurriata ante litteram dedicated to Vesuvius and its people.

The Great Cone

The video is dedicated to the Grand Cone, described in all its spectacularity, as a source of arcane fears but also as a magical place that captures those who observe it with the charm of its grandeur and the beauty of the view over the Gulf of Naples and its islands.

Routes to live

This video is a short journey on the paths of Vesuvius, discovering its woods, its panoramic views and its natural beauty. A climb along the slopes of the volcano to the crater, in the company of the sounds of nature and the notes of Domenico Scarlatti.

Those of the night

The Park, thanks to its isolated position from the Apennines and to the presence of both Mediterranean and continental ecosystems, is an important zoogeographic crossroads. The fauna communities living on the volcanic complex are rich and diversified, especially represented by birds and mammals, which have adapted to coexistence with man, often assuming twilight or nocturnal habits. Especially the mammals are more active during the night hours both in the open spaces in search of food and for the breeding season.  The video “stolen” offers short scenes of nightlife of pigeons, hares, foxes, martens, intent in their activities.