Products of effusive eruptions

Effusive eruptions

  • Rope wash: very fluid wash that flows on slopes with a low slope. The shape of the ropes derives from the fact that the surface part is “corrugated” by the flow of the inner part of the casting, which is warmer and faster.
  • Lava aa with a scoriaceous surface: the scoriaceous aspect of the casting derives from the fact that it is a viscous lava, which fragments as it flows, moved from the innermost part, warmer and more fluid.
  • Fragments of lava aa with passage to the massive internal part: the external part of the casting breaks into fragments due to the high viscosity, due to partial cooling, while the internal part, warmer and more fluid, continues to flow until it cools slowly and solidifies, maintaining a “compact” appearance.
    Massive vesicular lava: very compact lava, derived from the flow and slow cooling and solidification of a fluid melt. The presence of large vesicles containing bubbles of magmatic gases should be noted.
  • Lava pahoehoe with tubules and blisters: very fluid lava, with a “corrugated” surface due to the deformation of the most superficial part, which is deformed by the faster flow of the internal part, warmer and more fluid. Note the presence of large vesicles due to the gas contained in the casting, particularly concentrated in the outer part.